Energetic Wine is about you and the desire to explore new wines and new ways of enjoying wine. These wines are best experienced rather than discussed because the pleasure of Energetic Wines is in the body, not just in the mind. Join us for a tasting and discover Energetic Wine for yourself.

Our Path

One of the primary purposes of Energetic Wine is to learn to experience something we enjoy in a new and broader way. Right now, the enjoyment of wine focuses on the head – we look at the wine, we smell the wine, we taste the wine, we think about the wine, we analyze the wine. Once we swallow the wine, it's over aside from the alcoholic buzz.

With Energetic Wine, we are creating a new idea of wine enjoyment by   adding to the old program. Everything above is still applicable, but the change comes after we swallow the wine. Rather than moving on, we take time to notice our bodies and how we feel. Do we feel alive and active? Do we feel quiet and contemplative? Is there a noticeable sensation somewhere in our bodies? Do we feel joy? There are so many possibilities, you just have to show up and play.