Connection to Body and Spirit

The joy of greater awareness and connection to your body is that it helps you build and enjoy a rich, robust life. This life is less dependent on external stimuli or judgments and very much about that which brings you love and joy. You feel more, your intuition is more active and accurate. Your body tells you what it wants and what brings you true nourishment and pleasure.

Societal dictates and high sensation activities hold less appeal as you know TRUTH. Deeper truth about what is best for you, how to love yourself, and how to spread this knowledge and love to others. Your body shares this truth if you listen.

Connecting and integrating your mind, body, and spirit empowers you. Activation of your higher self occurs and you begin to be the person you know yourself to be, the one that the world wants, the one full of inspiration, joy, and love.

Obviously there are multiple paths toward these places of enlightenment, many of which require you to disavow your earthly body and its desires. I am not in a position to say which path is best, that is for each of us to discover for ourselves. I will say that when I tried to negate my desires and move toward monastic life I found the experience to be hollow. Full of space, yes, but hollow as well. I want to live, I want to experience, I want to feel, I want to eat, I want to drink, I want to love. Richness and vibrancy!

My connection to my body helps me enjoy all of these pleasures as well as deeper ones. I have a greater awareness of what I’m putting in my body and allowing into my field. I have greater intention in these areas as well. No longer can I just drink any old wine for a cheap thrill or to numb out and avoid feeling. No, I drink that which nourishes me on many levels. My body and spirit demand this, and with my enriched connection my mind knows this and all come together to act for the greatest good of myself and others.