Overcoming Fear

I feel I have to address a potent, and unpleasant topic – fear. I love talking about all of the good feelings and ideas involved with Energetic Wine. I also know there is fear. Right now we live in a world that thrives on fear, big fears, little fears, jealousy, shame, worthiness, and so on. These fears slow, block, and stop us from enjoying ourselves and truly living.

I understand being uncertain about trying something new, something that’s woo-woo and out in left field, maybe even a little nuts. It took me months longer than it should have to introduce Energetic Wine to the world because I was scared. I was scared of the judgment of others, losing face amongst my peers, losing business because my customers thought I’m nuts, shame, and questions of worth and whether I would be called a fraud. Ultimately, my belief in doing something great for myself and others overcame these fears. Take a step with me, try something new, you will be rewarded!

Maybe all of this is bringing up another fear, one of the nastiest of them, feeling as though you don’t deserve to feel good, that you aren’t worthy, the fear of success. It’s a potent adversary, this fear. It hides in the shadows of our minds and trips us up. This fear enjoys the delicious feast of our uncertainty and inaction. Take a little step and enjoy some wine with me. You deserve to feel good, feel appreciated, feel loved. These are our birthrights, and a bit of wine will help you on your path to reclaiming what is yours.

This is a pretty tall order for wine. I don’t promise miracle transformations by drinking some wine. I do know the pleasure and richness that comes from enjoying these wines. Trying something new will bolster your confidence and help you tackle the pain and fear in your own life. Better connection to your body will help you recognize patterns and feelings that you can change. Awareness creates the ability to heal and move forward. All of this propels you to a greater life with more enjoyment, possibility, and love.