The word healing is used a lot these days. We are often called to heal past trauma and let go of hard experiences from the past. I understand this on some levels, but it rarely feels fully authentic to me. Too often it feels shallow, forced, or trying too hard. Like everyone I want to let go of old hurts and live more fully, yet healing seems tedious.

I feel that play, laughter, wonder, exploration, and joy are far better tools than “healing”. Healing implies I’m sick or have a problem, moreover it focuses on the negative and how to remedy it. Play on the other had focuses on pleasure, enjoyment, joy, and love. One just has to show up and want to play, and magic can happen.  This is far easier than wanting to “heal”, and all the murkiness that comes from the uncertainty of what or how to heal. Even the why of healing can be vague. Play isn’t vague or uncertain, we all inherently know how to do this, its simply getting out of our own way and enjoying ourselves. Healing trauma from the past? I don’t know many people that have a good grasp on how to do this.


As usual, I’ll take the enjoyable road to feeling good about myself and this world, shedding fear and crap because its taking up room that I need for the good stuff that’s coming in. I don’t want to start with the negative and difficult because its there. Give me a reason to heal and I will naturally. Force me to heal, and I’ll avoid it and procrastinate.