Force and Flow

I have been quiet on this site for the last few months. During this time I got married, went on a fantastic honeymoon, and generally discovered more about myself through both joyful and difficult moments. Many of these moments were the result of either force or flow. Force and flow are the names I’ve given two states that I find myself in when I want to get something done, accomplished or achieved. Both have merit, but I have found flow to be vastly preferable.

Force is a state that I learned from my family, society, and myself. I can’t say whether Force came pre-programed from past lives, or simply resonated with me from a young age. Regardless, when I am working from this state, I push, I MAKE things happen, I use tons of energy, I blow people out, I wear myself out, and so on. Generally, whatever I was trying to accomplish gets done, but often with significant cost to my own well being as well as causing problems with those around me. Sometimes I don’t accomplish anything from this state, leading to shame and depression because I used so much energy only to fail. Force can be useful, but in small amounts.

By contrast, Flow is a state that I have come to cherish. Force is very active and requires a lot of energy. Flow on the other hand stems from calm, peace, and ease. Flow can be difficult as it is more passive, harmonious with the rhythm of life, and comes with a slower pace. Flow allows you to tap into the energy around you rather than expending your own. Flow operates from a state of grace. Flow is a deep feeling of calm movement.

Force is grasping. Our society loves doing, winning, getting, and so many action oriented words. To achieve all of this fast paced movement, we expend a lot of energy. We use our heads to push, pull, and cajole. We lose touch with our bodies, deep desires, and the natural world. Force is the tool that we are encouraged to use to chase the next sugar high be it money, fame, material goods, and so on.

Flow is letting go. Flow is the white space. When we are in a state of flow we are the passenger in the car rather than the driver. Much easier, and we still get where we want to go. The biggest trick is letting go of control, so you can work in harmony with nature and the divine. Stop chasing, start being.